Meet Lorena Garcia - CO founder of Bloguettes

Meet Lorena Garcia! As a dweller of Scottsdale for the past seven years, Lorena acts as an inspiration business leader and mentor to many women across the country. Our Local Life was ecstatic to spend some time understanding the person behind so much brilliant innovation in the Phoenix community. Follow along as we talk with this entrepreneurial spirit and how her company has impacted the lives around them!

DD: Tell us a little about yourself.

LG: I’m an entrepreneur at heart! After I got my MBA, I was involved with many projects ranging from real estate to websites to finance. A few years ago, I discovered my passion for technology and budding startups and really wanted to see if I could start my own company. Eventually, I became the co-founder of a Estoes Purpura, a Mexico-based women’s fashion and news site, along with my current Phoenix startup, Bloguettes!

DD: What made you want to start these companies?

LG: My business partner, Sakura, and I knew there were so many people out there who were just like us—People wanting to launch a digital business with absolutely no idea where to start. It’s a valid concern because everything from finding a domain, creating brand-specific graphics, and marketing yourself as a business is a huge project to take on. Sakura and I have gained a lot of business know-how in our personal journeys and decided to create Bloguettes in order to teach and empower other women about how to start a brand in a very easy, fun, and creative way.

Sakura and Lorena - Bloguettes founders and good friends.

Sakura and Lorena - Bloguettes founders and good friends.

DD: What exactly does Bloguettes do?

LG: Our aim is to be a resource for bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We educate our students through our workshops, webinars, blog, & videos, allowing them to elevate their digital presence and create a network amongst other like-minded individuals!

DD: What does your day-to-day responsibilities look like?

LG: As a small company, we all have to do a little bit of everything, but for the most part, I focus on the business development and strategic planning of the company. I work really closely with our events, editorial, and marketing teams and figure out different ways to help our company flourish! Every day is different. Some days I’m meeting people around town to talk about future collaborations and some days I’m in the office brainstorming with my team of amazing girls. There’s so much to do all the time, but I love it because no two days look exactly the same!

The Bloguettes amazing team

The Bloguettes amazing team

DD: What do you love most about working at Bloguettes?

LG: I love the whole experience of working at a company I have grown from an idea to a full-fledged business. I can’t believe how much we have changed in this past year! We are constantly growing and I love getting to meet new people every day and taking on new challenges!

DD: What project are you currently working on, and what do you plan to do with it?

LG: I just launched my personal fashion and lifestyle blog, Call Me Loré! I’ve always loved fashion, so it’s a place for me to share my favorite pieces and accessories, along with interesting updates about my life. (I’m actually 24 weeks pregnant, so there are quite a few new updates I get to share!) I have always wanted to start a blog, but life gets so busy and to be honest, I was a little scared to put myself out there. After a little encouragement from my family and friends, I finally launched it and I am so glad that I did!

DD: Anything else you’d like to add!

LG: Keep your eye on Bloguettes! We’ll be on the cover of Forbes one day! :)