Meet Ryan Rinaldo - The Man Behind Metropolis

Metropolis is one of Old Town Scottsdale’s last remaining best-kept secrets.  William Lewis of Sterling Fine Properties presents an inside look into the life of, entrepreneur, restaurateur and family man, Ryan Rinaldo.

WL: Thanks for hanging out with us today, I must admit that the garden courtyard here at Metropolis is one of my personal favorite spots to meet clients.

RR: Thanks Will, we’re happy to have you here as often as you are!

WL: As you know, this is OurLocal.Life’s launch issue and we’re hoping you can share with us a bit about your life, work and lifestyle. Icebreaker question, if you were stranded on an island what artist or musician would you want to have with you?

RR: Hands down, no questions asked... Keith Richards.

WL: Classic rock legend, great answer and a bit ironic considering the question, didn’t he seriously injure himself falling out of a tree in Fiji?

RR: Yah, the story goes that a branch jumped out at him coming down from a tree. He suffered a serious concussion and blood clot in his brain but rock legends are immortal - Nothing can stop that guy.

WL: Fair enough. I guess while we’re on the topic, what’s your guilty pleasure?

RR: Scotch, I really enjoy Scotch.  Not to sound like a pompous prick but I’m a trained sommelier and I can tell the good ones from the bad. I don’t think I would call it a guilty pleasure; I don’t feel guilty at all!

WL: Following the booze, when is a good time for a Metropolis first timer?  

RR: Well I’m a bit biased on that one, but I can honestly say all the time.  Optima residents will actually have 1-2 meals here a day, nothing on the menu is more then $16 so no matter the meal you can find something great.  Our Sunday brunches are a local favorite.  Happy hour Sunday through Thursday, its a great place to meet people that live in the area.  Stiff drinks help with the flow of conversation you know, come in a stranger leave a friend.   Wednesday is happy hour all day, $6.00 Met Burgers with grass feed beef – can’t beat it.

WL: I like that, OurLocal.Life loves to feature people that live and work in the same area – you can’t get any closer to work eh?

RR: Yah, as a kid I always had the dream of the Cheers lifestyle – neighborhood restaurant, bar, whatever but I loved the idea of living above a restaurant I owned. I guess you can say I made it!

WL: Sounds awesome, we’re both in an industry that doesn’t allow for much weekend relaxation – what’s your happy place?

RR: You know, after graduating from ASU I got into a software company that I own now... I don’t consider owning the restaurant work. I have a 2 month year old baby girl, after we spend some time with her at home you can find us hanging out at Metropolis as a family with friends and neighbors.  Its like having a dinner party every night.  It sounds like a canned answer, but I don’t feel like I’m working when I’m doing what I love!

WL: Good point, so would you consider Metropolis a family atmosphere? 

RR: Well, when I think of “family atmosphere” I think of a cheesy place like Applebee’s. We’re not Applebee’s, I personally source all of the produce & meets.  Our objective is to serve high quality ingredients in a simple presentation. We have a bit of the “Cheers” vibe, where people tend to congregate to be social on a adult level but kids are as welcome as the adults that bring them!

WL: Business is competitive in most industries, and the Scottsdale restaurant scene is as competitive as anything – what makes you different?

RR: Like I said, I personally source our ingredients and I’m very serious about it.  I am experimental with our dishes – we were voted the best desert in Scottsdale!  We’re bringing goat into the menu, it’s a delicious lean meet and we’re excited to get feedback from our customers.

WL: I heard your offering a special promotion for OurLocal.Life readers – want to tell us about that?

RR: Of course, I’m big into supporting the local community. I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m not one to say no to much of anything.  In my part in launching this magazine, I’m giving away 20 $20.00 gift cards.  I believe people are more interested in the idea of shop/work/live local and super excited to do what I can to support the mag!

WL: Thanks Ryan, I appreciate your time and support – I’ll see you next Wednesday for that burger!