About Ourlocal.life

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, OurLocal.Life is a startup media company looking to recreate the way customers and business owners interact in a local sphere.  

When we buy local, we promote the community development, contributing for creating new jobs, collecting more town taxes and therefore generating more investments in the area. Like a cycle, when we buy local we are investing in our community and in doing so, we invest in ourselves. 

We  believe that when people invest their money and time in local business they stimulate these companies to innovate, improve their quality and offer better products and services to costumers. Everyone gains from this trade.  

Our goal is to focus our efforts in telling a story of the people and strategy behind the business. We believe that a potential costumer is more likely to visit a business if they know more about who is behind the product sold by the place. 

This is a platform where you, local resident, can learn about the people behind the businesses that are driving the community forward; and where you, business owner, can share your story with our community.