• Iā€™m Kelli Brew and in this space I share my love of this place ā€“ Gainesville, Florida ā€“ and my aspiration to live as locally as possible, enjoying the beauty, bounty, and peculiarities of this region while also contributing to its well-being. "What we need is here," Wendell Berry tells us. I believe it.

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Sounds great...need to find some greens. The calomondin marmalade recipe reminded me of you eating those incredibly sour kumquats when we were kids. I never could handle sour like you....


I think those were actually calomondins - which explains my adult fascination with them. I think there's enough sugar in the marmalade recipe that would make them palatable for you [but they still have that nice little bite I like :)].

Lynette L. Walther

Kelli, just stumbled across your delightful blog this morning while searching for something to do with our calamondins. (We've usually just used them as a garnish) Marmalade it will be. I too am in North Florida, and many of your observations speak to my own ideas and practices. Keep up the good work!

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