• Iā€™m Kelli Brew and in this space I share my love of this place ā€“ Gainesville, Florida ā€“ and my aspiration to live as locally as possible, enjoying the beauty, bounty, and peculiarities of this region while also contributing to its well-being. "What we need is here," Wendell Berry tells us. I believe it.

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Hi! I just ran across your blog (you were on a blogroll of a blog that was sent through Sharon Astyk's Food Storage Yahoo Group) and love it! Although I don't have nearly the laundry you seem to have (me, hubby, and a messy dog), we do about the same - 3 rounds on the line at once. When there are a lot of little things (wash cloths, napkins, etc.), I've found a way to save space - clothespin several napkins or washcloths together, and only one of them actually ON the line. They still come off the line nearly wrinkle free, and smelling like lovely sunshine!


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